About us 雷ストレンジャーズとは


We are an artist group, which consists of directors, writers, musicians and other type of artists from all over the world.
We would like to introduce plays and films from a global perspective. We strive to offer the best quality artwork that are collaborated by artists from various fields.
We also hope our work will help everyone to enjoy the time with one’s family in today’s busy society.
Our group name originated from the word, Donnerstag, (Thursday in German since we have meetings every Thursday.) The word “Donner” means thunder in English. Thunder is Kaminari in Japanese. Some of us are from different countries and that is why we use the word “strangers” in our company name. We are all from different countries and get together on Thursdays.


ドイツ ハンブルク生まれ。早稲田大学第一文学部演劇専修卒業
2018年 読売演劇大賞優秀演出家賞受賞
2017年 小田島雄志・翻訳戯曲賞受賞
雷ストレンジャーズ 全作品を演出。
2014年イナセナ企画「カスパー・ホイザー・メア」(作 フェリツィア・ツェラー)
2015年劇団銅鑼「はるなつあきふゆ」(作 別役実)
2017年世田谷パブリックシアター「チック」(作 ウォルフガング・ヘルンドルフ)
2017年イナセナ企画「山歩き」(作 マルティン・ヘックマンス)







2018 Common Ground by Yael Ronen & Exile Ensemble

2018 Father by Strindberg

2017 Green Cockatoo by Arther Schnitzler

2016 Enermy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

2013 Die Raeuber by Schiller